Econometrics Training

KITE offer comprehensive econometrics training

KITE have developed high quality, in-depth training materials that cover all stages of a typical econometrics project and more.

The full 12-week course was successfully delivered to a large team of graduates in 2021 and 2023 for a major global media agency looking to rapidly expand their econometric capability.

Training materials are delivered via a mix of in-person and VC, knowledge is consolidated using exercises throughout, followed by an assessed real-life econometrics project at the end.

Training can be tailored to the individual needs of any organisation (e.g. to allow for differing modelling techniques or software, to focus on particular topics, etc).

KITE have experience of multiple econometric software packages (e.g. Eviews, R, Python, ScanmarQED, etc) and multiple econometric techniques (e.g. OLS, ridge regression, bayesian, nested modelling, etc).