Building In-House Econometrics Capabilities

KITE provide independent, expert advice on how to build world-class modelling and analytics capabilities in-house.  

This empowers clients to turn INFORMATION into INSIGHT that drives ACTION…

Analytic approaches and processes

KITE can advise on the best way to use data, analytics and modelling to answer critical business questions and influence key decision makers.

KITE can help you to design and build an internal process to ensure that data and analytics are at the heart of your decision making process and to engender a culture of continuous learning and implementation of recommendations.

3rd party suppliers

Having worked with most major suppliers of data, analytics and econometrics, KITE can provide support in the briefing, selection and management of these projects.

Business culture change

The application of analytics and modelling to drive fact based decision making grounded in data can be new to some organisations.

Sometimes there can be a historic lack of accountability and a culture of longstanding beliefs and gut instinct to drive decisions, which may result in resistance to new insights, recommendations and approaches.

KITE can help you design an analytics roadmap to win the support of senior management, educate the users of these new learnings and ensure your program sticks for the long term and makes a tangible difference to business performance.

Organisational structure & job role design

In order to succeed, it is vital to have the right people in the right roles in the right place at the right time doing the right things.

This will ensure individuals maximise their impact within the business whilst enjoying job satisfaction and a clear career path.

It also eliminates duplication of effort and ensures analytics focus in the right areas, both of which translate to resource efficiency and improved business performance.

KITE can help you do this.