Client Success Director (London)


We are a leading global marketing effectiveness and foresight consultancy.  We combine quality data, proprietary technology, and advanced analytics to give our clients the confidence to make better informed investment decisions that drive growth.

Growth is the defining characteristic of successful organisations and our vision is to accelerate growth for ambitious brands.  We define ambitious brands as those that generate earnings/profits that are above the industry average.  We deliver:

  • Data strategy, harmonization, and visualization
  • Advanced analytics and modelling, including MMM (Marketing Mix Modelling), attribution and unified measurement, testing, segmentation, behavioural sciences, choice analytics, simulation, war gaming and forecasting
  • High-touch consultancy that includes bespoke roadmaps, training and education, industry benchmarking and activation planning

We love accelerating growth for our people.  As a member of our team, you will need to demonstrate behaviours which support our values.

Our values are: Be Curious, Be Positive, Act with Consideration and Make it Better.



The Client Success Director will report to the Client Success Lead to ensure optimal delivery and satisfaction.  The ideal candidate should have a minimum of 7 years of experience in project management, client relationship management, and data analytics.  We will expect this candidate to be able to lead small-midsize client relationships.

The Client Success Director should be able to work in a fast-paced environment, manage multiple projects simultaneously, and prioritize tasks effectively.  They will support the management of end-to-end client project processes, produce and deliver high-quality client materials, drive client satisfaction initiatives, and manage SOWs effectively.  The role requires strong client relationship management skills, excellent project management skills, and the ability to produce and deliver high-quality client materials in line with strategic objectives.

The successful candidate will have experience in driving client satisfaction initiatives, managing SOWs effectively, and stakeholder mapping and management.  They will also have cross-functional collaboration skills with a focus on analytics, data, and operations teams.

We expect the candidate to have a deep understanding of the Marketing Effectiveness and analytics industry and be up to date with the latest trends and developments.  They should be able to interpret data and analytics insights and present them in a clear and concise manner to clients.



  • Lead client relationships where it makes sense (e.g. clients <$500k annual net sales [depending on market])
  • Support the management of end-to-end client project processes for optimal delivery and satisfaction, referring to Operational Excellence at all times
  • Assist in producing and delivering high-quality client materials in line with strategic objectives
  • Aid in driving client satisfaction initiatives and managing SOWs effectively
  • Support the implementation of risk mitigation and uphold quality assurance standards​
  • Contribute to collaborative team learning and knowledge sharing to strengthen capabilities​
  • Supports in new business, as led by squad lead and/or client lead
  • Responsible for growing client relationships with support from and accountability sitting with client lead and squad lead
  • Maintains stakeholder mapping, growth in numbers and influence of stakeholders and client stakeholder management
  • Cross-collaboration with analytics, data, and ops team deputies to ensure a well-functioning squad with high levels of satisfaction



  • Client Satisfaction: Performance, Preference and Likelihood to Recommend​
  • Net Sales Growth​
  • Active Client Stakeholder #s​
  • Influence of Client Stakeholders​
  • Value Generated for Clients​
  • Client Advocacy (willingness to enter awards, provide references, awards)​
  • Average Annual Client Size​
  • Client Success Employee Satisfaction



  • Proficient in supporting project and client relationship management
  • Data and analytical interpretation skills to bring our insights to life for a client audience​
  • Knowledgeable in SOW oversight and risk management practices
  • Committed to supporting quality assurance and best practice adherence
  • Effective communication and interpersonal skills to aid team collaboration
  • Strategic assistance in financial analysis for client budgeting and profitability insights
  • Lives and breathes our values



  • Clients
  • Client Success Group
  • Data, Analytics and Operations Practice Areas
  • New Business and Strategy
Senior Analyst, Analytics & Insight (London)
Client Success Manager (London)