Senior Consultant – Econometrics (London)

Senior Consultant – Econometrics (London)

Company profile

brightblue are an independent tech consultancy with the aim of growing the performance of businesses through exceptional predictive modelling.

We have doubled our number of clients over the past 18 months and expect to double again over the next 18 months.

Over the past 5 years we have established ourselves as a key player in the predictive modelling world, we are pushing the boundaries of analytics to the next level and need your help.

Key differentiating factors of brightblue:

  • Market pioneering approach to marketing evaluation
  • Ambitious growth targets – looking for the talent to match
  • Work with diverse clients from the largest FTSE 100 companies to niche charities
  • Build unique market-first solutions by using your econometric and latest programming knowledge
  • Heavily supported R&D function to drive change across the industry and create market-first tools
  • Personable nature helps embed analytics in our clients’ organisations
  • Significant investment in staff well-being
  • Entrepreneurial, vibrant and fun atmosphere (cool offices / table football / events…)

We offer a tailored training programme to help individuals grow.
Progression in the company is not limited to years served, but entirely on merit – everyone is encouraged to progress as quickly as they want.

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Role responsibilities

Involvement in developing brightblue as the leading provider of predictive modelling through the following:

  • Manage projects on a couple of clients over a range of industries
  • Produce outstanding marketing evaluation projects to our clients
    • Exceptional data analytics
    • Data visualisation
    • Presentation delivery to the client
  • Personally manage the development of one or two consultants and analysts
  • Assist the Director to produce outstanding marketing evaluation projects
  • Feed into company strategy
  • Help develop tools and ideas to grow the business into new areas using the latest techniques
  • Involvement across the business including project management, revenue growth management, new business, research & development, improving internal processes and tool development

The role reports to an Account Director.



  • 3+ years commercial experience of market mix modelling and or marketing analytics
  • Ability to explain complex modelling in a very clear and simple manner with proven client presentation skills
  • Good people management skills
  • Knowledge of R or VBA or similar packages preferred
  • Econometrics / Economics / Mathematics (with Econometrics) degree with 2.1 or higher
  • Entrepreneurial attitude

We are looking for a bright and personable Consultant / Senior Consultant at the top of their game in the econometric modelling field.

Consultant – Econometrics (London)
Account Director – Econometrics (London)