KITE helps companies and individuals fly high with exceptional econometrics / marketing mix modelling, analytics, consultancy, training and staff recruitment

KITE is an independent consultancy helping companies grow their sales, profits and return on marketing and sales investments.
This is done through the application of marketing mix modelling (econometrics) and analytics, the development of in-house analytics capabilities (including staff recruitment and training) and leveraging decades of experience across multiple industries, companies and countries.

What KITE do

Quantify drivers of historic sales / other KPIs with MMM and use this to forecast future outcomes.

Evaluate, plan and optimise marketing and sales investments.

Provide commercially actionable recommendations to grow sales, profit and return on investment (ROI).

Design and build in-house analytics capabilities for clients, including the recruitment and training of econometricians / modellers, data scientists and analysts.

Partner with major blue chip clients, media agencies, analytic consultancies, research companies and data suppliers.

Work across a broad spectrum of industries, companies and countries, allowing us to consolidate and share learnings from clients facing similar challenges and opportunities.

Empower organisations to put data and analytics at the heart of their decision making process and engender a culture of continuous learning and implementation of recommendations.

How KITE do it

Application of impartial marketing mix modelling (econometrics) and analytics to clients historic internal and external data.

Utilisation of advanced optimisation and forecasting software for scenario planning.

Leveraging clients existing research materials.

Drawing on a broad range of experience and knowledge working with other clients facing similar challenges and opportunities.


Why work with KITE

Quality – we pride ourselves on offering best-in-class MMM and our client feedback speaks for itself

Focus – business entirely devoted to MMM

Experience – across multiple companies, industries & countries, with significant experience in FMCG

Seniority – work efficiently completed and delivered by very highly experienced MMM consultants

Customised solution – to suit your needs and ensure you have the rights insights to make the right decision

Transparency – complete access to the models and scenarios

Independence – KITE is self-owned, totally agnostic and here to help you grow your business profitably

Value for money – low overheads, so can offer much higher level of senior consultancy and day-to-day support at a lower cost than larger providers